Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center
We're so glad you're here and are very excited to bring unique hybrid homeschooling option to our community. Please reach out with any questions! Check the calendar for upcoming info meetings or send us an email for more information!
Hope to hear from you soon...
~Ceisha Pardy, Program Director
[email protected]

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What is Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center? 

We are an exciting, new opportunity for families looking for alternatives in education! Our goal is to come alongside parents to enhance education for their children. Our mission is to encourage and come alongside homeschool families who want to provide their children with a quality educational experience and Christian character for long term academic success within our community.

Sycamore Christian Homeschool Center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization organized exclusively for educational, religious, and charitable purposes. 

What programs do you offer? 

At Sycamore, we currently offer two programs:

  1. Hybrid Academy:
    • This drop-off program is available for students in Prek (age 4) through 8th grade two days a week from 8:45am-2:30pm. This program is more academic in nature than our enrichment co-op and offers core classes on campus as well as structured lesson plans provided by the teachers for parents to continue their child's learning at home on the off days. 
  2. Weekly Homeschool Co-op
    • Co-op is once-weekly and operates as a "true" co-op where all parents (and sometimes grandparents!) volunteer in various capactities to run the classes each semester. Co-op is open to families K-12th grade. We offer nursery & preschool classes for younger siblings of school age students.

Families are welcome to participate in one or both programs! 

What costs are associated with the Sycamore programs? 

We strive to keep tuition as low as possible! With your tuition costs, you are contributing to the staff, facility and supplies that keep our program up and running.  Co-op fees goes towrad the facility and supplies.

Do you have financial aid? What about sibling discounts? 

We are hoping to have a financial aid program operational soon! Other than sibling discounts on registration fees, we are currently unable to offer sibling discounts on our tuition costs. Funding is limited especially as we start up...It is important to us to ensure that we pay our staff fair wages and we honor our host facility by paying for our facility addition to all the other expenses that make a program safe and successful including insurance and supply costs. We will be working to secure donations that can go towards financial aid. If you might be willing to help with our fundraising efforts, please email [email protected]. Thank you! 

Where do your programs meet? 

We will be meeting at Family Life Bible Church in Conway.  They are located at 150 S. Hogan Street.  We are so excited for this campus as it is set up with classrooms and plenty of space to play.


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Ceisha Pardy
[email protected]